Wednesday, November 29, 2006


A very important question needs to be asked. Will Heber City violate their own code and regulations, to give a developer the things they want?
Here is an excerpt from the Heber City Municipal Code for the C-3 zone:
"Retail establishments shall not exceed 60,000 square feet of gross floor area within the C-3 Zone. No retail establishment shall be permitted to place any one building or any combination of buildings that exceed 60,000 square feet within said Zone.
In no event shall any retail establishment, coroporation, business, or entity have one or more buildings within less than 1,000 feet of each other, wherein the building or buildings would exceed a total of 60,000 square feet. Attempts to circumvent or exceed this maximum, 60,000 square feet, shall be strictly prohibited."
Does this statement allow for Heber City, to make overlay zones, and special deals with the Boyer Company, that are in conflict or out right illegal, based on this law in the C-3 zone?
If this applys to the city as well as a developer, then why has the developer been led to believe that things in this zone will change?
The developer has prepared plans, which the planning department have seen that exceed the 60,000 limit. The developer has said, they have been assured, that Heber City, if necessary, will construct and pass an overlay zone. According to members of the Heber City Planning Commission, this overlay has already been put to paper, but has not been given to the City Council.
This has nothing to do with Wal-Mart, but everything to do with the developer. How far will Heber City go, to satisfy their quest for money? So far, the answer is, they will do anything for the almighty dollar and if they do not get their way, they threaten to raise taxes.
Citizens need to be heard. Attend the meetings, let your leaders know, you want compliance with the law. And for those who suppose they can violate the law, the demand should be for those violators to leave. Is a recall election in our future?

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