Sunday, January 14, 2007

How much longer, do we allow those to stay in power, who are bent on destroying our community?

There are not many people, who when they fully understand, agree with all the aspects of zoning. But most reasonable people agree, there are valid reasons for it to exist. But because of how some administer the law, and especially when we see over kill, as has been pointed out in the last few weeks, citizens are entitled to wonder, if the zoning regulations are for everyone and if enforcement will be done with reasonableness and realistic interpretation. It is obvious, that in the present discussions, regarding Big Box Development, the desires of many citizens, as shown with the polls, and the public comments to elected leaders, have been thrown to the wind. Can everyone see now, why many believe, that attending meetings, writing letters, and participating on committees, is a waste of time? Can we see why apathy is alive and well? Can we see, why many citizens firmly believe that most decisions are done deals, long before they are presented for public consumption? How many bricks need to fall on the hard heads of officials, before they understand the egregious behavior we are seeing, maight be called at the very worst, criminal, and at the very least, gross incompetence? Citizens know what they want. The problem is, at the present time, there are too many officials who are more concerned with kingdom building, deal making, power brokering, and in general creating bragging rights, so their peers can applaud or bestow accolades at various meetings, that in turn will add something to the resume. Every citizens reading this, should want to rise up, and take back control of our various government entities. Things are now out of control, so dangerously, those things we desire the most, such as livability, community, small town atmosphere and rural flavor, yes, those things, we mentioned during a recent survey, are now out of our hands and in the hands of those with other ideas. Is it time, to suggest, that we need a house cleaning from top to bottom? Is it time to take legal action to get the attention of those that should be serving and protecting us? Are we seeing arbitrary and capricious decisions? Yes, those described decisions, that juges warn and forewarn elected and appointed officials to refrain from being a part of? If and when Big Box and others like it, come to main street, those who have made a reasonable living and contribution to our community, will in time, find their end. We hear from some, that competition is good. We agree, but not predatory competition. Those who have been folowing Big Box, Boyer Developments and/or Wal-Mart, know that competition dies, taxes are given up by political enities to entice the developer, and in the end, there is not competition. It is a big myth.

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