Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dear Ann,

Its makes one wonder, if changes in Washington, were really meant to be changes in direction our Country should be going in.
Last November, the promises flew like the wings of many birds, telling us that if certain people were voted in, this County, the greatest one in the World, would change direction for the best. And that laws would be passed. And in fact, we would see solutions to some of the hardest problems we have ever faced. Of course, there were some who really became believers, and went to the polls, prepared to vote for people they thought they would never cast a ballot in favor of, based on the promises.
Now we are in the spring. The changes that took place in November, officially in January by the way, have not yielded anything more, than broken promises. More like weeds in a well kept garden.
Will we ever see actual laws passed, to take care of the illegal alien mess? It does not seem likely. And from where I sit, it is more like we will continue to see band-aids. Some so small, over a wound so large, that for the most part, will make a few feel good about what has happened but nothing of a larger solution will come about.
The problem of illegal immigration is not going away, and unless we see some serious approaches to this problem, in time, we will see a race war in our own country.
And like many other wars, we will see people killed for reasons, that will not seem logical.
And we will see those who will support those that break the law, very much like we see now, and justification will be the big word of the future.
I would hope that none of the people I know, would become involved, for what-ever reason.
We need solutions to the illegal immigration problem. We need to put pressure on our elected leaders from Washington to the State House. And from there to local government.
We can not affort to wait much longer. We need people with vision. We want people who are willing to sacrifice for the good of the majority. We could use people who are willing to stick their neck out for something worthwhile and long lived.
I ask, where are you? Where have you been? And when will you make yourself known?

Until next time, I am watching.

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