Monday, September 03, 2007


Dear Ann,

This writer has received some very interesting information, regarding those who are running for the Heber City Council.
Five people, it seems, have taken the time, to sit down and review each candidate based on what they know, and what is public.
They rated the candidates based on 10 criteria, and then ranked them one through ten. Each candidate received a score on each of the ten criteria, and the total was then taken, and based on that, the candidates received a score. What is interesting Ann, is the five people, who by the way, have either served in previous years, or are serving now. Political party was not a factor. But it seems, history was.
Ann, come back here on Sept. 8th, and review each one of the candidates and their score. At that time, I will post, the criteria and how they scored.
I really appreciate the time the people took to do this, and whats more I appreciate their confidence in this site to release the information.

See you again on Sept. 8th.

Until then, bye.

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