Friday, September 07, 2007

Dear Ann,
As you will recall, I promised to present some very interesting items, related to the upcoming, election for three seats on the Heber City Council. Of course there will be those who will cry fowl. But those who complain the loudest will be the ones who forget, people have the right to their opinions, regardless of what others believe. Personally, Ann, I believe what these five citizens have done, is great. They are entitled to their opinions and how they arrived at those opinions. Take a good look at these. It is very interesting in how they rated them. And I for one, congratulate them for doing something, other than talking.
How they arrived at placing people on the the list, is very interesting and I will let see that next week.
The following is self-explanatory, and needs no further introduction from me.

Until next time.....

A group of five elected, or previously elected, and current members of boards or committees, met to discuss the current political candidates, now running for public service in Heber City. After discussions on all ten candidates, they grouped the Candidates in the following order, which they believed would best serve the community and valley.
Erick Straddeck*
2. Sandy Mahoney***
3. Terry Lange**
4. Michael Thurber
5. Daniel Drew
6. Robert Patterson***
7. Kieth Rawlings***
8.. Nile Horner
9. Shari Lazenby**
10. Parry Rose
* Mr. Staddeck’s inclusion on the list of candidates is based on observation and discussions with those that know him well. He was not subjected to the same criteria and standards as the rest, since he has not been involved with previous service in this community.
** Current sitting Council persons
*** Currently sitting on an appointed board or committee.
The areas of discussion were the following: Loyalty in public service; Honesty in public service; The ability to be a team Player; Desire to represent the citizens.; Articulation of the facts; Support for the law.; Preparedness on issues to discuss or vote on; Leadership as an elected official:, Ability to Cooperate with other entities in the valley; The Nexus between Private and Public Life.(Does your private life have influence in your public life, and vise versa.) A number was assigned to the final conclusion on each subject. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Those with the highest scores were thought to be better, for the future of the Valley and showed a propensity for doing well or better than expected if elected.
This is presented as the feelings of five individuals and in no way, should be construed as the absolute authority on the election. The group of five, believes that citizens should make themselves educated on the issues. They should also measure candidates based on those issues surrounded with facts and the best candidate should be elected to serve.
I have presented this information, in hopes that citizens in Heber City, will search out the best candidates. They will search for those that will serve well, with out regard to last names, political party, or other systems that have been used in years past to support the election of individuals to the various offices. Citizens in this valley should arm themselves with the facts of the issues, and then find those candidates of like mind. Anything else is a travesty of what the founding fathers of this nation intended. THE DOCTOR

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