Saturday, November 03, 2007


After all the interviews, all the public meetings and all the discussion in the class room, we wonder how our High School Students feel about the current crop of candidates for the Heber City Council. Here is what we found out.

The students, based on interviews, seem to believe it is time for a change. They are tired of the good ole boy system, even though some are part of the that system, through Grandparents, or marriage of their parents.

They are worried, that life, as they know it, is somehow changing for the worse. They are concerned about housing, growth and open space. They feel that dragging main street, will no longer be an option for fun, due to uncontrolled traffic. They fear, that based on the present course of the City of Heber, Midway, and Wasatch County, lifestyles, the ability to have farm animals, shoot a gun, or hike in the hills is going away. They do not understand why there is an obsession on development. In general, they fear a change in lifestyle and the home town feeling and they blame the currrent crop of elected leaders for the various ills.

Based on their observations and attendance at various public gatherings, they were asked to rate the current candidates with what they believe about each one.

1. Erick Straddeck-He is for change. He seems to have a plan. He is not afraid to speak his mind.

2. Terry Lange- He has health problems that might interfere with his service, but he seems to be in-touch with the issues. (many students were not happy with some of his answers) There may yet be some service he can render.

3. Robert Patterson- He was my former teacher. He seems to want to keep what we have. He is interested in controlling traffic.

4. Nile Horner- He is looking for change. He is part of the good ole boy problem? I know his family. Is that his wife, that is on the School Board?

5. Mike Thurber- Does he have a plan? Is there a problem with his wife working for Heber City? Is he a team player? Would he vote to slow things down or speed things up?

6. Kieth Rawlings- We like him. We want him to win, but now we are not sure. Did the Boyer Company buy him or did he accept money from them? He is chairman of the Planning Commission, is he going to be the same on the council. We wonder if he can do the work, since he is taking money from developers.(this has not been proven. Mr. Rawlings say no.)(Mr. Rawlings went from second place in the students selections, to sixth place based on this issue)
The High School Students, placed the candidates in the order as they appear.

The interviews and discussions with our High School Students, show they understand three things very well:

1. In some cases, they may be too young to vote, but they are in-touch with what is happening in this valley.

2. They have put some real thought in the responses, and they have an understanding of the issues.

3. They are not afraid to voice their opinions on the issues, and state how they really feel.

(We have some great thinkers in our high school classes. We can thank their teachers, their parents, and each student, for having a desire to learn and understand the world around them)

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