Friday, December 07, 2007


"If you do not play by my rules, I am not going to play." Boy, where have we heard this? And for those that can remember that far back, it is right out of the play ground at the school we attended.
And now as citizens of Heber Valley, we are faced with this same mentality as we try and solve some of the big issues. We need some real solutions to Growth, Conflicts of Interest, Traffic, Regional Planning, Cooperation by all the entities and last, but definitely not least, the By-Pass.
The by-Pass for those that may have just arrived, is an issue that many elected officials have wrestled with for 25 years. And like much of today’s professional wrestling, some of it was choreographed. We have endured lots of talk, but little, if any, serious measurable action. And now the valley has an opportunity to make up for lost ground and get it done, but sadly, the obstructionists are at it again.
It is hard to understand, what some of our leaders are not seeing. One must ask if they are blind, not in touch, living on another planet, not receiving enough accolades, or gifts. It is really hard to put one’s finger on the issue of doing nothing.
Most thoughtful citizens realize, that of all the issues, health and safety issues are number one. And one should be safe in assuming this is what our leaders are seeing, or hopefully they are seeing. The message is clear, we need resolution on this issue of the By-Pass, and it needs to be done regardless of past promises to developers or deals made or concluded. And now we face the issue of time. People close to this issue have all come to the same conclusion, we need action today!

Wasatch County is telling the world they support the concept, and have a desire to see this thing come about. They have been working with Heber City on this issue, and even though over the years, each entity has been guilty of procrastination, it is now the County who is stepping up to the plate and putting some effort and some money into seeing that something happens in the next 6 months. But they can not go it alone. So where is Heber City?
Oh yes, they have agreed to fund part of a study, but is their heart into it?
Heber City leaders seem to be saying, publically, they are for the by-pass, but privately, and this based on some completed interviews, they are opposed to the route, the time table, and are now doing everything in their power to impede its development and completion. But why? Can it be concluded, that commitments have been made, that if dropped, would place some in the distasteful situation of having to either return, or revoke some promise that has been made to someone or some group?
The Heber City Planning Commission has tabled a development that would interfere with the by-pass and its future development. But sources close to this issue inside of Heber City, are quick to point out, the Planning Commission is under some pressure, to speed the process along. And to not, dilly dally over this issue. And definitely not try and fix any problems they may see. There are some studies being done in good faith, but will they all come to naught, because of political wrangling with in and out.? Can we conclude, what is happening is evidence of some manipulation over the process, to complete some items, before the new Council people come on board?

The new faces coming to the Council have concluded, to a man, they have more than a passing interest in the by-pass. They are willing to take action and do more than talk. And they want to see some financial studies on the development at the intersection of 40 and 189 which at this point, is the fly in the by-pass ointment.
If they continue to stick to their guns, there is a solid potential for the Boyer Project to be delayed until spring or early summer as the bugs are worked out regarding traffic along with the by-pass and receiving some blessing from UDOT.
One must ask the question, why is Heber City so unsupportive of the by-pass, and why have they failed over the last few years, to take the bull by the horns on this issue, and become leaders in working towards a solution, rather than being obstructionists?
Perhaps, the answer my be found in a conclusion formulated by a group of observers, who concluded, there are developers in the area of the by-pass route, that are promising big money if their project can get off the ground. So there is a need to delay the by-pass to give the developers a foot hold, and then there would be no need for a response from the city, since the by-pass route would be dead, and economically would be out of the question.
If this is the case, and I have no reason to doubt it, based on sources and observation, perhaps the house cleaning that was mentioned by two of the three candidates as being necessary to bring the Heber City back to representing the people and being for the people, is in order. And of course there is a time and place for all things, and in order to clean house, a case will have to be built to do that and enough votes will have to be available to proceed. Citizens will need to be vigilant on this issue, and make sure that sometime in the next couple of years, it takes place. The tea leaf readers, if what they are seeing and commenting on holds true, incumbents are a dying breed and by the next election, there will be votes a plenty to get the job done.
It would seem, as restless as the natives are, that some officials should get the dust off of the resume, add a few more lies, and get it ready to be sent out.
Pleading for representation, observance of common sense and fair play has not worked, so the next best thing, is replacement.
Two things are evident. There is a need for a by-pass and those standing in the way, need to go. And cooperation between entities is necessary, and those standing in the way of that cooperation also need to go.
The needs of the public are now so important, no one person, entity or official should be allowed to gum up the works.

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