Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The Heber City ship, is listing quite badly. Those at the helm have let the wheel go, and with that action, we are heading into the shoals. At this point, Is it time to jettison the crew, or try towing the ship out of danger? Of course, the Boyer winds are now blowing hard and without mercy. And every time, the rescuers believe they are moving the ship, the crew throws out an anchor, in a desperate action intended to defeat the desired course of action, that should be taken for the preservation of our good ship.
This action, on the part of the present crew, begs, the asking of a very important question. Would our ship do better without the current crew? And would the ship do better against the Boyer winds, if somehow a new crew was hired on? It is hard, but not impossible, to repair the damage and right our ship. But it will require all hands in the hold, on deck, and ready to make a difference.
Our crew is out of control. Instead of having a plan, they are allowing the winds to blow them into a course, that on the surface of the water, looks calm and inviting. But that view is a myth. The water are not calm and between the Boyer winds and the action of the crew, a giant whirlpool is preparing itself to swallow up everything in sight.
The problem is, when our ship is scuttled, it will take with it, innocent others, who really were not the problem, but were placed in the precarious position they find themselves, because the crew is intoxicated with the drink of power and dollar sign dreams, which has created the inability to walk the straight line and to view with a clear mind, the compass and the map.
And like Captain Jack, they look at a different compass, one which is broken and does not work. But that is not stopping our crew from charting a course in dangerious waters. And like Captain Jack, they must show they are in charge and so they move and go through the motions, but in reality, they do not recognize the fate that lies ahead.
Many have forgotten, the charts are there to assist in planning the voyage, showing the shoals, the shallow water and the sand bars. History has shown, those, who know how to read the charts, can indeed learn from the mistakes of others. They do not need to re-invent the wheel. But our crew has their eyes on a more nebulous prize. It is in the gold in the chest. Problem is, they can not tell the diierence between fools gold and the real thing. They would rather open the chest, which is no chest at all, but pandora's box. And when opened, will unleash the curse and off of its horrific results.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


The business community of this valley and more specifically, the businesses on Heber's Main Street, have been publicly slapped in the face. And it was not a lite touch either. One of our elected officials, seems to believe, if it was reported correctly, and there is no reason to believe it was not, since more than three people reported what he said, "there is no viable businesses on Main Street." If the quotation is correct, the statement is blatantly false. And the person that said it, as well as those that agreed with it, now owes the business community a full public apology. Of course at this point, I would not advise anyone to hold their breath waiting for it to happen.
There are many good solid businesses on Main Street today. They may not be, what certain people want to see, but they are, never-the-less, actual businesses, that pay taxes, support public events and contribute to the soundness of our community. There are hundreds of citizens, who are able to buy bread and put it on the table, thanks to their "nonvable business" and the others they support. Perhaps the person, that made such a ridiculous statement, forgot his business is also on Main Street. And since he seems to be painting with a very wide brush, perhaps it is an indication of his own business. Since this statement has been made, I wonder where the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is on this issue, since they have been curiously quiet. May one suppose, they will not get involved and respond in defense of the Business Community, because some of their funding comes from Heber City? If they are unwilling to take a stand, maybe it is time for a different organization to start up, and support and assist businesses with more than collecting dues and having a lunch once in a while. One must ask, where is the outcry from others, now that our business community is being accused and ridiculed. Perhaps, it is time for our business community to show just how much they do support this community. Maybe they need to stop contributing to every little organization that has its hand out. And then they can quit supporting all the civic groups, including the Chamber, student groups and others that seek something from them on a continual basis. That might get the attention of a few.
What this community needs, is not a big box, nor do we need the lip service we seem to be getting when big box is discussed and questions are asked. What we need to see from some of our elected officials, is a realist approach to furthering the growth of existing businesses and the business community at large. Our leaders need to wake up and do more, than think of money, adding to their kingdoms and power bases and increasing more growth on the public dole.
Our way of life and the very things, that people have said they wanted in a community, is in serious jeopardy. Short sighted policy, failure to observe and understand the big picture and the "me" approach to service is creating a current and future nightmare for all. We need to make contact with our leaders, let them know, we are not mushrooms. We do not want our leaders to make the mistake of thinking, that by keeping all of us in the dark, and then feeding us, what seems to be, an inexhaustible supply of manure, that it will solve everything. The truth is, it won't. It hasn't and it's not going to.