Friday, April 13, 2007


Dear Ann,

That is a very good question. The problem is, we may never know what the truth really is. To know what Heber City knew, prior to the enactment of the new ordinance, and when they knew it, will never come to light. Likewise, to know what the developer, the Boyer Company, knew and when it was revealed to them, will be buried for years to come.
What can be commented on, is what is known. Months ago, a question was asked of a representative of the Boyer Company, if, he had met with Heber City Officials, and been given assurances that certain things would take place, and his answer was yes. Weeks later, a Heber City Official, was asked if they, meaning the City, had ever met with the developer in meetings and given them information and assurances, their project was a go, the answer was no.
Of course between these two extreme answers, there may be some fragments of truth. And of course, we need to keep in mind, that when dealing with money, truth is in the eye of the beholder. As more things come to light, for instance, the Boyer Company offering their proposed development for sale, prior to the Crook Annexation. And giving prospective buyers the assurances, the land was zoned for mixed use and it would be available during the spring of 2007. And knowing the ordinance was not in place, the property was not zoned and the official presentation of the entire thing, as outlined in the ordinances and regulations of Heber City, had not taken place, easily leads one to conclude, someone is lying.
As a reasonable person, Ann, I am sure you suspect, like many others, that more is going on, than what the public is lead to believe. And more fuel is added to this speculation, when the City Council in public meetings show disdain, a lack of courtesy, and in fact are down right rude and go even further through tone of voice, and body language, they are not interested in hearing from citizens, period. As you observe this process, you are keenly aware of how this looks to others. You know how this makes you feel, and now you know why during a certain poll taken a few years ago, those that responsed, said they distrust government, the officials, and the actions they take. Citizens now face a crossroads of sort, they see the need to do something, but realize they must wait until November to make changes and correct the direction that Heber City is now going. And now you know why, many are proposing a house cleaning from top to bottom.

But Ann, I can not close, without reminding you, that many of those who work for Heber City, are good, honest, loyal people, who must do their job, in spite of any misgivings they may have about their leaders. We must support those, who are trying. We must let them know, that when we speak of wrongs, we are not painting everyone with the same brush. It is not their fault, they work for a City, where leadership, morality, and transparency have become hisses and by words. But not all is lost. The closer we get to November, the closer the citizens get to redemption.

Until next time, bye.