Monday, July 30, 2007


Dear Ann,

The issue of law, is the same for all citizens. You wonder why it is so hard for elected officials to follow the codes of their respective jurisdictions? Why some have placed themselves above the law? And why they believe their decisions should supersede the law? Good questions, and when you find the solution, please let us all know. I can only give you what we see in the valley. And perhaps you too, will see the something in your area.

The County and the various cities in this wonderful valley, still have not figured it out, Ann, The law is the law. And they have no right to change by ignorance or disregard for gain, any part.
Of course there is a way to change the law, but what is happening here, is not the legal way. For Citizens to correct this problem is not easy. Those who have had a hand in writing law, for what ever purpose, have made sure that elected officials can not be recalled for stupidity or the blatant disregard of the law. At this point, the only way to change things, is to endure years of ridiculous legislating, deal making and ignorance, until the next election. And then hope it is not too late, to re-float the ship.

We have some good leaders. We have some mediocre leaders, and we have some who are just down right lousy leaders.
The problem is the good ones are so few, and they have so much class. They want to do right always and for all. They are meticulous to a fault, to stay on the right side of the line between right and wrong. But their voices are soft, enlightened and dedicated to doing good. They do not use their office to get back at their enemies. They do not cozy up to developers. They go out of their way to make sure their family does not benefit from their decisions and public service. In a nut shell, they do what they say they were willing to do. The others could care less. They do not give a damn about law and order. They are happy were they are. If they can benefit, without getting caught, they are all over it. To get cozy with a developer, to accept gifts, regardless of how small or large, is not big deal. Whether the gift is a hat, a jacket, or a trip, they see no wrong. Public service for them, is benefit, benefit and more benefit. Short of killing someone, everything that could provide a benefit is fair game.
In this valley, we are now stuck. We need a house cleaning in government very bad. We need people of wisdom. We need people who are intelligent enough to see the problem and facilitate a solution. We need people who are supportive of where we have been, where we need to go, and have sense enough to show the way and lead. We need shepherds not sheepherders. Until that happens, the wolves will continue to devour the sheep. Destroy the pasture, and fence in the open space. And then cause the manure to be piled higher and deeper. And these piles will be the future inheritance of children and grandchildren.

Until next time....