Thursday, May 22, 2008


Evidently, discussions of existing conflicts of interest within the walls of and on the boards of, Heber City, seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Issues of such behavior, have largely been ignored, and in fact, have been encouraged by those who should know better.
The City Manager has concluded that if these conflicts are ignored, which based on e-mails, seems to be his solution, they will go away.
Conflicts of interest seem to be found in some of the most important places of city government. There are severe conflicts of interest on the board of Adjustments. There are people serving on this board that are using this service to enhance their position before the City Manager and the City council and in fact there is even one who will be working for the city in the coming weeks. There are many little committees, many whose existence is neither known of , or sanctioned by citizens, where those with conflicts, are allowed to ply their trades, to influence and persuade, for their own personal gain.
The mayor of Heber city has used his appointive power, with advice and consent of the City Manager to appoint only those, that will continue the influence of the mayor and manager and ensure a particular out come. A classic example of this, seems to be how the public has been treated when it comes to the fence ordinance. There have been citizens, whose rights to a speedy conclusion on this matter have been compromised and ignored. The Board of Adjustment for 25 years has obeyed the law, as it pertains to resolving issues within 30 days as outlined in the Heber City Code as it relates to issues before the Board of Adjustments. Now, those with conflicts of interests, an engineer, an architect with assistance of those who will not read the code but rely on others for their information, have decided, with the help of the City Manager and the Planning Department, that today, this law does not apply. So now because of these people with such severe conflicts of interest, in which the City Manager has refused to address and the Mayor has refused to consider, are now putting their uninformed opinions on the law, at the expense of the rights of Citizens.
To solve this injustice, will require a lawsuit, which, based on information now received, will be instituted. Talk and reasonableness has not been able to get City Officials to do the right thing. Perhaps, a lawsuit will. And if the citizens prevail. Can we hope, that part of the settlement will mean the end of those who have prostituted their position for personal gain.