Monday, October 27, 2008


Once again, the Utah State Legislature has shown just how little they regard the citizens, they are supposed to serve, and how little they regard each other as well.
It is quite obvious they have real problems. And of course some of these are not going away, anytime soon. And hiding them is going to be a big problem for the future as well.
It is amazing to the casual observer, that a group of people, who should be on the errand to do the peoples business, are more concerned with back stabbing, saying off the wall things and then when caught, claiming they were out of context. The uncivilized talk, actions and then masquerading as servants is getting really old. There are some wonderful people in our Legislature, But they need to do more, than be wonderful people.
There are two things, that most, wish the legislature would finally get;
Number one, the citizens need some serious action on the problems with out the dramatics. The halls of the capitol are not stages. And Number two, is it too much to ask, that you just do your duty, and represent the people with the intentions to do your best with what you have? It would seem, that some of the antics that are going on, show the need for a ring master.
The latest, stupid, moronic act, is the one involving Hughes and Riesen. Hughes is a Republican. Not a smart one, but a Republican never the less. So in his stumbling, and doing his imitation of Statesmanship, he gets himself involved with those, who could do him harm. Never allowing his brain to realize, that if he is involved with anything that could open the door for the Democrats to have a field day with the Media, they would do it. He needed to remember, that backslapping between the parties, in public and private, are practice slaps, until the knife is in the hand. So he says something, He does something, He opens the door for the Media to be used, which they are good at, to make problems for him. He is his own worst enemy.
And then along comes, a trouble maker by the name of Phil Riesen, who in an effort to try and mend fences with the media, which really have no use for him, due to things he has said and done, while trying to impress the lesser lights of management on a few TV stations,. He is desperate to show he has value, he not only wants to make a problem, from one Democrat to a Republican, but get his name in the paper, and try and sure up, his sagging credibility with the press. This guy releases information, that he has no idea if it is factual or truthful.
So, in the massive Chest game we call a legislature, we end up with a committee meeting, which in the end, accomplished nothing. Wasted a lot of time and energy, not to mention the money, to agree to disagree over the conduct of knaves, who will never be knights.
For the people, it is checkmate, end of game. Do we start a new game in January?

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