Sunday, August 03, 2008


In the last election, there were lots of discussion regarding those who were running for office in Wasatch and the surrounding counties.
This post was criticized for not giving the information sooner rather than later. In an effort, to silence the critics, if that is possible, this post will be discussing the candidacy of of all those running, whose election could have a positive or negative impact on the citizens.
The author of this blog, does not profess to have a crystal ball, with all the answers, and in many cases, is not committed to one party or the other, but to character, because good government, requires good people, and contrary to some of the accepted norms, not all the good people are found in one party. Of course with that said, there have been some disappointments, when we thought we were electing the best in a particular race, and found when in office, they were the same as the scoundrel, that was sent packing.
When it comes to politics, newcomers to the process, must be prepaid for the possibility of disappointment and disbelief.
Stay tuned for the latest.