Sunday, November 16, 2008


The country, is facing a threat, that will change the lives of every citizen as well as future generations. And a threat of some very serious health concerns seems to be also in the future.
The homosexual agenda, is dark and sinister, and of course, fraught with problems. But those pushing this nonsense, do so, because they need a cause. And of course it does not hurt, that a liberal media is willing to push and shove this moronic agenda without any thought on what the consequences could be.

There is a serious need to make sure, that no citizen believes, that in order to be a classified as a good American, there is a need to accept everything that comes down pike, in the name of diversity or tolerance.

The Homosexuals and their moronic supporters, have only two things
they really want, and if allowed to proceed, will set in motion, events which can never be turned back, even when the real outcome will be seen and the created problems will be raging like an uncontrolled fire.

The first, is to be a protected class.
When one group receives the status of being listed as a protected class or in this case, their actions, then specific negative actions taken by people, whether intentional or unintentional, can be called discrimination.
Making homosexual behavior legal, by making sexual orientation a protected class, will allow the dangerous second issue to come into play.
This is what all the whining and marching is all about.

Sexual Orientation as a protected class, will give them the second thing, which they want more than anything else, which is, the ability to sell their bizarre, unacceptable behavior to schools, churches and the rest of our community institutions, as normal behavior. This is the light at the end of their bizarre tunnel. To quote a gay spokesperson, just last week: “we need to get people to buy off on the fact, this is normal behavior”.

When there is a questionable agenda presented, it is shown in the best light, time and time again. The press will run with it, leaders sell it, we see it in movies and on TV. It is run over and over again in order to break down the public resistance.

The public needs to think of the things, over the years, that have been allowed, under the guise of “we need to be tolerant“, and how much that has cost, and what society is currently paying. It is clear now, how it all happens. First we abhor, then we tolerate, then we accept, and then finally we embrace.
This country, contrary to the beliefs of the left, and re-writers of history, was founded on some very conservative, Christian principles.
Our forefathers said lots of things, that are used by the misinformed and the changers of facts, But regardless of how they have twisted certain statements, the founding fathers knew the principles which would work and serve, as a firm foundation for this country. These were Christian principles, founded on biblical knowledge and acceptance of that knowledge.
We now have, some so called Christians, who in an effort to show how liberal they are in their thinking, are willing to accept stupid and unsupported
Behavior, such as seen in the Homosexual agenda.
These liberal thinkers in order to promote their beliefs on homosexual behavior, use terms like; “I have one in my family, so there is nothing wrong“, “we are tolerant“, “we believe in diversity“, “we believe in equal rights“, “we do not discriminate“, and a number of other terms, to hide and justify what they are really planning on doing to society.
There is also a group of malcontents, that are best described as liberal thinkers. This group is willing to accept the homosexual agenda, because to do so, shows to themselves, they are an enlightened lot. Even if the light they are looking at is from a candle they are holding. They brag on their education, they brag how smart they are when it comes to the issues, because they are unfettered. They believe that integrity in the public process is old, and not in vogue.
As a group, they have no use for religion. They even have designs on re-writing history to their own very narrow view.
It will be this same group, once the homosexuals are accepted, that will push for child molesters and pedophiles to be protected classes as well.

People now must understand, that being at a crossroads in this country, requires people with integrity, high morals and a belief in the principles the founding fathers espoused, that made this country great and gave rights and privileges, that are held so dear.

Surprisingly, the conservative voice, is a more controlled voice on the issues.
It is the other groups, such homosexuals and others, that have the loud voices, and because of these loud voices, they get most of the media attention on their issues. The homosexual agenda, is now getting that attention, not because it is right, but because it sells.

Citizens everywhere must look at this homosexual agenda for what it really is. See it in the light of day, with clear, wide open eyes. Just because homosexuals are loud, does not make them right. The out come of this tussle, will determine if our society will continue to exist and has a future.

Remember, that before you were an adult, you were a child, and you were a child because two people, a male and a female, married and produced the child.
There is no way in nature, where two men will produce anything such as a child, and it also goes for females.

The history of the world, has shown, where the homosexual agenda was allowed to continue, the society fell apart and ceased to exist. Even to this day, there are many countries that do not allow homosexuals within their borders. They fully understand history, and therefore do not want to repeat it.
No one should be deceived into believing that “wrong is right” regardless of "THE LOUDNESS OF THE VOICES".