Sunday, December 28, 2008


In the closing days of 2008, there seems to be some distrust on my part, as to where we are going and how we are going to get there.
It is interesting to note, that oaths, do not seem to be very important now. That our word, means little, and contracts even less. And is the direction of our Country, the right direction, or just misdirection, for a slight of hand trick?
Tomorrow, when we wake up, will all of what we are seeing just be a dream? And will our youth take up the call and prepare to be the wise leaders we need, or just the followers, continuing in our circle for future destruction?

Over a couple of thousand years ago, the youth of a nation, which on the world scene, was called enlightened, took upon themselves to attach their life to an oath, which would make them better citizens as they became adults. They took this oath at the age of 17, and it followed them until they passed away. It read:

We will never bring disgrace on this our [Nation],
By an act of dishonesty or cowardice.
We will fight for the ideals and Sacred Things of the [nation]
Both alone and with many.
We will revere and obey the [nations] laws,
And will do our best to incite a like reverence and
Respect in those above us who are prone to annul them
Or set them at naught.
We will strive increasingly to quicken the public’s sense
Of civic duty.
Thus in all these ways we will transmit this [nation],
Not only not less, but greater,
And more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.

The word [city] was used in the original as it was administered to the youth of Athens Greece.

Never has there been a more defining time for all, to participate in civic duty, to fight for the constitution of this country, to honor the sacred things of our nation, and be willing to fight for the right.
To demand transparency in all aspects of leaders. To become involved in meetings, and public gatherings, and in all things to be true to specific principles that have made this country the mighty nation, it has become.

It should be the role of every citizen, to make sure we do better today, than we did yesterday. And that leaders are found, who are more interested in honor and truth, than political expediency and self serving interests.

Can the trip, we are taking on a dead end road, at break neck speed, lead us to something we have not found in previous generations? Is it right, that we expand government, but short change the involvement of people? That we allow interference from Washington, to override participation on a local level? Should the education of the people, be taken from the people, and placed on the desk of some bureaucrat?

The outlook for this country in the next year, will be the test, as to what we will become. We will either be served by those we elect, or will become their