Wednesday, January 28, 2009


1. In recent polls, if you believe in such things, it has been determined, that Arabs and their little screwed up countries, were supporting Obama, in his bid to be president.
And now we find out, that Muslims, world wide, are supporting President Obama, at least for now. Their support, seems to be predicated on the hope, that President Obama, will do what the last ten presidents would not do, and that is, remove support for the State of Israel.
President Obama, has made some statements, from the beginning of his candidacy, and right up to being sworn in, as president, that seems to suggest, at least in the eyes of the Media and the Arab world, that his support for Israel is running soft.
Time will tell on this issue, but citizens every where, need to understand, that Arab Countries have no problem lying about events, and carrying out threats on the world, with a good dose of intimidation. And if President Obama, allows that to happen, and does not set them straight on Israel, citizens everywhere can take up the cause of sending him to live with the Arab country of his choice. Arab Countries claim to be a friend of the United States, but no one should be misled.
They are not our friends and never have been. Can you say 9/11? And remember, that act was applauded throughout the Arab world.
There are no Arabs, as nations or governments, that can be counted on as our friends. As long as we are able to buy their oil, and feed them, they will pay with token handshakes and call it “being your friend”. But all must remember, that if we do not change our policy against Israel, which we should not do, they will continue to be our enemy in the dark alleyways of the world, looking for opportunity to inflict a tragedy upon us.

2. In President Ronald Reagan’s address in 1981, he said, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”
Now if one reads President Obama’s address, there is strong implication, that Americans do not have real problems, they are the problem. And when he said “Childish things” what was he referring to? Is it a stretch to suggest the President is either blind to the problems, lacks sufficient experience to make a determination on his own, or has turned over the decision making part of his presidency to the old Clinton guard?
Pelosi and Reid, when they came to power, went to the national media for interviews and said; “give us one hundred days and we will solve the problems.” They were given more than one hundred days, and here is what they have produced: Business failure, government bailouts, cover-ups, distrust and corruption.
Would it be safe to say, those members of the congress that voted for Pelosi and those of the Senate that voted for Reid, are the problem and not the solution? And if they continue supporting what Reid and Pelosi are proposing, we may never be able to solve our problems until the next election and even then that could be a big “maybe“.

3. Now with all the talk about a fix on our economy by President Obama and the experts in Washington, along comes someone who seems to be in touch with reality. The chairman of the Morgan Stanley Asia Group, Stephen Roach concludes that without some new plans, not the same old plans of tax and spend, or printing more money, but some new economic plans that may even include, dare we say, “tax breaks”, we are doomed for the next year or so. We will see more job loss, more business write offs, fewer business starts, the home markets bleeding profits and workers, and a significant push in the deficit spending world, more than we are doing now.
If Mr. Roach can see this, why can’t others in Washington see it. Perhaps the unthinkable, is the next reality. Can anyone say depression?

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