Monday, January 19, 2009


Item 1: Once again, the best laid plans of mice and men, have not come to pass. Not that specific plans were not good, but there are and were organizations that people forgot, would use their clout with the court, to impede the desires of the people. Because these organizations are selfish, uncaring, and more interested in their personal agendas, therefore, they are willing to lie, mislead, and stonewall the truth. There is trouble ahead. So who are these organizations, that stand in the way of America getting away from dependence on foreign oil?
The ever meddler known as the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. Most of those involved are neither living in Southern Utah, or are long term Utah Citizens. For the most part they are outsiders. Along with this group, you will find the Wilderness Society, with their narrow view of what wilderness should be. Then on top of this stands the National Resource Defense Council. Another group of misfits, who are unable to mix and mingle with the rest of humanity.
Now all these groups have found a weak link, in the list of Federal Judges, and with this, you have all the ingredients, to keep this country tied to the Middle East. Based on the current findings of this Federal Judge, he is looking for excuses to legislate from the bench.
The score so far, is one for the bad guys and zero for the rest of us.

Item 2: Who out in the political world would have thought, that after the election in the fall of 2008, the people would still not have representation in congress and the country would still be going down rather that up. And if you are one of those, that thought your political party was going to look after you, you have just arrived from the twilight zone. The Democrats have lied through their teeth on the issues, along with how they are going to solve the various problems. And the Republicans, have sat on their hands, with their mouths closed, as we see the scariest duo in the history of this planet. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have a deal for citizens, that only will lead this country into bankruptcy at least and into a serious depression at worst.
The incoming president, may be a good man, with desires to do good, but he lacks experience and because of this weakness, he will be exploited by his own party, lead by queen Nancy and King Harry. With the assistance of the Barney Franks and the Charles Schumers of the house and senate, these two are now poised to sell, trade, and generally destroy this county and turn us into a Country Like France or worse, maybe China. We are living in scary times, and Nancy and Harry are leading us into a real house of horrors. And the Republicans, are quiet, unknowing, and looking if they are uncaring. And before you suggest, they are a minority party, think for one minute, what minority parties have done in the past. Can anyone say medicare?
Score zero for the future and two for stupidity in the present.

Item 3: And just when you think you have heard it all, a long comes other people, who has no idea about the real world, because they live in the shadowy world of make believe, where everything is scripted. Where they, the participants, are told what to believe, how to believe and when. Tom Hanks, an actor, who has a real problem living in the real world, makes a stupid, uneducated statement about the what the people in California voted to do.
Mr. Hanks, trying to act like, someone who lives in the real world, says that those who voted in the Proposition 8 election, if they voted to say marriage is between a man and a woman, they are un-American. What a stupid conclusion. But then again what do you expect from someone, who does not understand reality, who life is scripted from morning to night.
Mr. Hanks wins the “IMBICEIL OF THE WEEK” award.

Sorry to say, there will be others.

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