Monday, February 16, 2009


Confessions are now in order, or so it seems. Democrats, Republicans and even independents, are now, after they voted for the Stimulus plan, confessing as if a priest is present. What is the confession? “We have not had a chance to read the Stimulus Bill”. So what else is new. Contrary, to what the evening news is trying to portray, this is not the first time, that congress, regardless of party, has voted for a bill, they have neither read, or studied. The fact, that pressure was applied by misguided leadership, amid lies and deceit, should have provided pause, to those that have sworn to protect the people and serve the Constitution.
The Stimulus Bill is criminal. The out come for the future, harks back to the 1929’s. The pork, for the special projects of the ethically challenged, are numerous, and without equal. Where were the leaders, where were the voices, that should have been raised, in defiance, of something, not only illegal, but immoral as well.
The only thing lacking now, is the sex and the video tape, and those two things may yet be found. The people have been shortchanged. The out come of this bill, which will not be totally known until 2012 or beyond, should scare the public for what it contains, and more so for what it does not contain.


Now with all the pork, the misspeak, lies, non-payment of taxes, and quid-pro-quo’s, the current administration now wants to take control of the census bureau. There are those, who would have you believe, this is not a bad thing. In fact, it would make us more “efficient” more “truthful”. The dark issues, which the administration and its minions, do not want you to know about, threaten each citizen in a negative way. Keep in mind, the information the census bureau finds and reports, serves to give this nation, information on Health Care, Welfare, Children, income, employment, taxes, growth, savings, banking, and education. For the Obama administration to take control of the census bureau, is to invite the information to be compromised for political purposes. For those old enough to remember, in Star War movies, the evil leaders controlled the people, by controlling the information. In this administration, not only is this possible, but more likely than not. This administration is loaded with people who qualify for jail time. Who find nothing wrong with changing facts, so that outcomes are what they believe they should be. The smoke and mirrors coming from the White House with Nancy and Harry, should be harnessed to provide a useful service to the public. Corruption is common place and the results, in time will be common place. Not only, should citizens rise up and demand a cessation of these high jinks, but should call for the resignation of all associated with this nightmare.
CSN News, reports, that even those who have supported the administration without reservation, are now having seconds thoughts. Now the question is, will those with second thoughts, do the right thing and when?
This country, needs action right now!

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