Sunday, April 26, 2009


Heber Light and Power has now published the new rates which are scheduled to be effective for the May billing. Some times there are good reasons for increases, but citizens need to fully understand the costs and the causes. In the case of Heber Light and Power there are reasons, which, have not been explained very well. The documents necessary to help explain the increases, will be the subject of THE WASATCH CURRENT at a later time. THE WASATCH CURRENT is sorry, that management with Heber Light and Power, have decided,not to participate with the IMPACT PROGRAM. An invitation was extended, and the IMPACT PROGRAM will continue that invitation.
In the meantime, please go to the following site and review the documentation provided.

The average power use in the valley is reported to be 1000 Kilowatt hours per billing cycle.

1st. 60 Kilowatt hours @14.31 cents per hour $8.31
Next 140 Kilowatt hours @10.72 cents per hour $15.01
800 Kilowatt hours @7.39 cents per hour $59.12
Total per billing $82.44

1st. 10000 Kilowatt hours @7.15 cents per hour $71.50
Total per billing $83.50

1st. 60 Kilowatt hours @14.31 cents per hour $8.31
Next 140 Kilowatt hours @10.72 cents per hour $15.01
1300 Kilowatt hours @7.39 cents per hour $96.07
Total per billing $119.39

1st 1000 Kilowatt hours @7.15 cents per hour $71.50
500 Kilowatt hours @9.00 cents per hour $45.00
Total per billing $128.50

1st 60 Kilowatt hours @14.31 cents per hour $8.31
Next 140 Kilowatt hours @10.72 cents per hour $15.01
1800 Kilowatt hours @7.39 cents per hour $133.02
Total per billing $156.34

1st 1000 Kilowatt hours @7.15 cents per hour $71.50
1000 Kilowatt hours @9.00 cents per hour $90.00
Total per billing $173.50

1ST 60 Kilowatt hours @14.31 cents per hour $8.31
Next 140 Kilowatt hours @10.72 cents per hour $15.01
2300 Kilowatt hours @7.39 cents per hour $169.97
Total per billing $193.29

1st 1000 Kilowatt hours @7.15 cents per hour $71.50
1500 Kilowatt hours @9.00 cents per hour $135.00
Total per billing $218.50

1st 60 Kilowatt hours @14.31 cents per hour $8.31
Next 140 Kilowatt hours @10.72 cents per hour $15.01
2800 Kilowatt hours @7.39 cents per hour $206.92
Total per billing $230.24

1st 1000 Kilowatt hours @7.15 cents per hour $71.50
2000 Kilowatt hours @9.00 cents per hour $180.00
Total per billing $263.50

1. Totals are exclusive of taxes and fees.

Electricity Rate Comparison by State

Average Revenue per Kilowatt hour by State
This chart has been updated April 2009.

State Average Electricity Rate

(Cents per Kilowatt hour)
1 Wyoming 5.69
2 West Virginia 5.78
3 Idaho 5.99
4 Utah 6.00
5 Nebraska 6.08
6 Kentucky 6.24
7 Missouri 6.33
8 North Dakota 6.45
9 Oklahoma 6.70
10 South Dakota 6.88
11 Washington 6.94
12 Kansas 7.14
13 Oregon 7.20
14 Iowa 7.22
15 Montana 7.30
16 Indiana 7.32
17 New Mexico 7.61
18 Minnesota 7.70
19 Arkansas 7.73
20 Colorado 8.03
21 South Carolina 8.21
22 North Carolina 8.40
23 Arizona 8.43
24 Ohio 8.56
25 Georgia 8.67
26 Louisiana 8.72
27 Virginia 8.81
28 Wisconsin 9.03
29 Alabama 9.08
30 Tennessee 9.09
31 Pennsylvania 9.16
32 Illinois 9.22
33 Michigan 9.24
34 Mississippi 9.29
35 Nevada 9.58
National Average 9.64
36 Texas 10.80
37 Florida 11.25
38 California 12.11
39 Delaware 12.25
40 Vermont 12.46
41 District of Columbia 13.01
42 Maryland 13.01
43 Maine 14.01
44 Alaska 14.13
45 New Jersey 14.18
46 New York 15.01
47 New Hampshire 15.17
48 Massachusetts 16.47
49 Rhode Island 17.09
50 Connecticut 17.18
51 Hawaii 25.78

Source: Electric Power Monthly. Energy Information Administration, Washington, DC.


1. As a ratepayer, do you understand why there is a need for an increase?
2. Do you understand how much more you will be paying for power?
3. Do you know how many kilowatt hours you use each billing?
4. Do you have ideas on how you can lower your power bill? (caution must be exercised in this area of conservation, too much conservation, will create a need to further increase future power bills, since Heber Power and Light makes a profit on the power they sell, and the income from power sales, funds other areas of Heber power and Power. Remember what happen to Heber City residents related to their water rates after a summer of conservation.)
5. Have you made contact with Heber Light and Power, to answer questions related to your power bill? They should be the source for any information you are seeking.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Some years ago, there was an incident in our community, where funds, that has been given in trust by members of the community, were used in a very speculative way. The idea was to make great returns. But the method used was questionable, and when all the elements came together, the money was lost. The goal to make a great return and demonstrate to the investors, the prowess of the funds manager, was a driving force. But failure to observe a little honesty, integrity and taking responsibility for the outcomes, caused the person in charge to be accused of some serious crimes and eventually sentenced to prison.
The person in charge, said that everything he did, was for the benefit of those that had given him funds. And in the end, there were many excuses, but not anything that could justify the actions taken.

Recently something very similar happened in our valley, that reminded a few of the events some years ago.
Money was misused in a very speculative endeavor, with the same hope of a large return in a short period of time. The return did not come about. And although, there were promises made, the money is still out there. Yes, it can be recovered in time, but the fact, that tax payer money, was used in a very bizarre manner, along with a few elected officials who voted approval of this endeavor, the outcome is basically the same as events years ago.

The big question on the minds of many, seems to be what should be the penalty for taking tax payer funds and placing them in a speculative venture? It does not seem, it would be fair, to place all of the blame on the back of the Heber City Manager, since, he was acting on approval granted by four of the elected officials with a big push by the current Mayor. But it does seem, that someone should pay for this blatant misuse.

Right now the spin masters are working overtime to make it all seem like, what was done, was right, and nothing new.
Taxpayers are wondering, if this seems so easy to do, what else has been done, that is unknown to the masses?

According to a number of people, perhaps the County Attorney should open an investigation. As of today, word on the street is suggesting, that if the County Attorney is unable, then the Attorney General needs to take a peek.

Is there a need right now, for someone at Heber City to fall on their sword?
Taxpayers are nervous and they have a right to be. Is their tax money safe in the hands of the current administration? Is the almighty dollar the only guiding light in Heber City? Was Mr. Anderson wrong for doing what he did? What was the City Council doing in approving such misuse to start with? The taxpayers need some real answers with supporting documents.

Will there be some leader come forth and prove there is still some leadership left? It seems now, that people can not have confidence in their leaders, appointed or elected.

At the next City Council meeting, rather than playing patty-cake with some developer, have a discussion on how the City can bring confidence back into the process of governing. As it is now, everything done, is going to be scrutinized and placed under a microscope and rightly so. Can the elected officials expect anything less after their complicity in this matter?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


The more things change, the more they remain the same. In an effort to make distasteful items to appear palatable, they are given a new name, or reduced visibility.

At issue, the Wasatch School District, and their desire to reduce and eliminate the aids in the classroom. The issue is critical. The aids provide a service, that students need, and teachers count on, to provide an environment of learning.

A few years ago, the public voted on a bond, that was deceitful in facts, and short on availability of information. At that time, anyone who had done their home work, realized, with the exception of the District administration, the new high school, the most expensive in the entire State of Utah, could not be built for the money that was being talked about.
Those who asked questions, were labeled as anti-schools, anti-kids, anti-teachers and anti-education. It was a clear case, of trying to deflect the real issues, with sub-plots and slight of hand information. It even went so far, that people organized vast committees, filled the members with doubtful and dubious facts and spin, and it worked. The public, like a bunch of lemmings, rain to the edge of the cliff and jumped over. The school did cost, by tens of millions, more.

The issue today is connected to the new high school, because the district administration has now made it known, that bricks and mortar is more important, than classroom instruction.
The Wasatch District is flush with cash. They have received millions from valuations in the county. So much money, that district bean counters cannot, or will not give the public a clear accounting.
So with all this cash and the continuing push to protect, what has been called the “jewel building of the kingdom builders“, the move is made to reduce and eliminate the use of aids, in a public display, to show the district is prepared to make serious sacrifices to save money.

But, if the aids had no value, a safe conclusion would be, the district made a very good decision. But this move is morally wrong. It is deceitful and disingenuous not only to the aids, but to the patrons of the district.

Everyone should fully understand, this district has money, but they have made promises.

There have been many, who have suggested, that if cuts must be made, take a look at the district office. It is very interesting, the district administration has and continues to grow faster, in proportion to the growth of the district as a whole. This district went from a small three bedroom house, to completely filling a large building and occupying classrooms in various schools with so called administration and directors. It has also been brought to the attention of some, that perhaps, in some cases salaries need to be re-examined. Some, it has been pointed out, are way above common sense levels, and others are a slap in the face for how low they are. For those who have some curiosity on this issue, go to Utahs Keep in mind what is shown is supplied by the district and is perhaps about two years old, and therefore about 12 percent should be added.

The following questions need a truthful and realistic answers.

1. Is it necessary to terminate the aids in the class room?

2. Is the district short of funds?

3. Are there other ways to make cuts, if they are necessary?

4. Does the district understand the difference between bricks and mortar and educating actual flesh and blood .

5. Will the district come to their senses, in time to change this rudderless ship before it becomes stuck on the rocks of misdirection?

No patron of the Wasatch School District should allow this issue to be pushed on the back burner and finally allowed to disappear it, like the High School, it could come back in a few years, and make the patrons, wish, they never allowed it to happen. Our kids are more important than saving a few dollars, to enhance bricks and mortar.