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Every once in a while, a citizen responds on an issue of great important to this valley. And they do so to "set the record straight".
The following article was received by the IMPACT Program as a response to statements made by the Mayor of Heber City in a recent newspaper article.

In response to the Mayor’s suggestion that UDOT is responsible for the current HUB and surrounding intersections traffic plan.
This a short version of the events that took place regarding the intersection.

Design of HUB and surrounding intersections: Boyer/Valley Station Development Traffic Study prepared by Mack Christiansen of Horrocks Engineers, 21 JAN 08. (Horrocks is also the contract engineering firm for Heber City).
17 MAR 08, “Special” Heber City Council Meeting (Monday evening) held to listen to a presentation by Mack Christiansen of Horrocks and Wade Williams of Boyer Co. in regard to the traffic plan for the Valley Station Development. They presented what we later learned was Alternative One of the traffic study. There was NO presentation or discussion of Alternative Two and Three. City Engineer (employee not contract) Bart Mumford attempted to convey to the Council that a new Daniels Road Connector should be part of the plan. No discussion ensued.
13 May 08- UDOT letter (Region 3) addressed to Heber City. In summary, they state their position that if this plan is adopted they will close Daniels Road due to the use of medians and “that a new connection between Daniels Road and US-189 can move forward quickly.”
13 May 08- Inter-local Meeting of Governments- County offers to participate financially to secure the right of way for the new Southern Truck Route, specifically the first phase know as the new Daniels Road Connector. City rejects their offer stating that they don’t have the funds.
15 May 08- Heber City Council Meeting. Boyer/Valley Station Development Final Plat Approval-Purpose is the dedication of roads, offsite improvements and infrastructure. The site plan with location of buildings and landscaping will be approved at a later date.
City Manager Mark Anderson responds to inquiries from Council Members Horner and Straddeck regarding Boyers participation in the traffic plan and specifically to intersection closures and the Daniels Road closure. He states the new Daniels Rd Connector will not be part of the plan. He goes on to state that he HAS DIRECTED SHAWN SEAGER OF RPO/MOUNTAINLAND ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS TO WORK ON THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION FOR THE NEW CONNECTOR IN ORDER THAT A PURCHASE AGREEMENT CAN BE ENTERED INTO WITH THE LANDOWNERS BY 30 JUNE 08 AND FUNDS ALLOCATED. We know that no such description was created and that no agreement was ever entered into. In addition, even though he contradicts himself from two days earlier in which the City’s position was we do not have the funds for a new connector, any funds available were used for the hangar project that received approval later that Spring.
The Mayor states in his article, “improvements benefited and resolved problems beyond what was impacted by the project.” This is not accurate. The plan designed by the developer and approved by the City uses medians to deny access to several accesses and intersections. This is known as Alternative One and it fails to meet Heber City’s minimum standard for intersection operation at Main St/1000 South. Furthermore, the day the Boyer Project opens it will produce over 13,000 additional traffic trips on a typical weekday. (Perspective, approx. 27,000+ trips on Main St. currently). According to the traffic study, 6 intersections will fail because of the additional traffic study. In other words, the reason these so called improvements were implemented (closing intersections) were to accommodate the massive traffic increase caused by the development, NOT outside sources of traffic as the Mayor suggests. Bottom line, the other two alternatives in the study (Two, includes the Southern Truck Route), (Three, the first phase of the Southern Route, New Daniels Connector) maintain access to Southern Heber City and improve the operation of the HUB intersection.
If you want one line to summarize this issue, memorize the following: Page 12 of the traffic study it states, “Heber City standard for LOS will not accept anything below a LOS C.

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