Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A very easy question and answer, because things are starting to happen. Elected leaders would have you believe they have been working on a particular issue for some time, but such statements are very disingenuous. The statements are not truthful and are not supported by facts. Evidence of the lack of support by the facts for their statements, can be found in the minutes of meetings, memos and public pronouncements that have been recorded and preserved.

Looking at the issues, there seems to be some serious misspeak, misdirection, and even some backroom dealing. Twisting the facts is nothing new for some leaders, who find it very easy to cross back and forth between fact and fiction.

Within the last few days, leaders in Heber City have started to tout the fact, there is agreement with the County on the issue of the By-Pass and the intersection on 100 South. But the truth is, nothing has changed in the last year on the route, so what has changed their mind now? Can you say, the upcoming election?
The statements on this issue that have started to come out, related to the support of Heber City for the Truck Route, are so disingenuous. One wonders how in good conscience, the word “support” can even be used with a straight face.
Heber City government has constantly over the last year and half, used every method possible to discourage anyone from discussing or focusing on this issue. The City Manager, the current Mayor and the two members of the City Council running for reelection, have been in the forefront of putting up roadblocks and saying one thing in public and saying something entirely different in private, when they though no one was listening.
If Citizens are interested in the facts, they need to take the time for a trip to City Hall, read all the minutes where the By-Pass is mentioned. And to receive additional information, read the minutes of the Wasatch County Council, where they discuss the By-Pass issue. Using these sources, citizens will see exactly where the blockage came from and who.
The presentation of the By-Pass over one year ago shows today nothing has changed and now Heber City has an epiphany and decided to support the same route and intersection design that was proposed earlier. If certain elected leaders have not done a thing on this issue, in the last 1460 days, no one should embarrass themselves by thinking, these recent decisions are for real. Remember another fours years is a long time, and there is no guarantee that if the current people are retained, anything is going to change anytime soon except talk.

There is so much misinformation regarding this issue, it is hard to separate what is believable and who said what. Heber City is repeating what Boyer tells them and the public is left to fend for themselves.
Will a Wal-Mart store come to Heber Valley. Maybe, but until the public actually sees a building with a Wal-Mart logo, no one should take their belief or hope to the bank.

The Boyer web site talks about a project in what is now referred to as Valley Station. It shows 120,000 feet in the project for a Wal-Mart Store, theaters, retail stores and housing. The latest addition is now a stand-alone bank. Couple that with what Boyer and Heber City are saying about a new special greener store, you can see why everyone is so confused. Sadly, Wal-Mart management has not seen the new “greener store”. According to Wal-Mart folks, their only concern is the Park City Store, which will be a super center. So if Park City gets the super center, what will Heber get? And where are the 350 jobs promised by Boyer and Heber City officials?
Now sources are confirming, that discussions have been held with Boyer, among others, telling them, if they do not start something on their project, the new people if elected, will change things and they might have to start over.
So now we may get to see something, even if it is a mirage.
Again, elected leaders are moving on something, so perhaps we need to give them some credit, they want to go out with a bang.

So the heat is on. The speculation at the Airport, using taxpayer funds, is now the subject of a number of questions from the public. So in order to shield those in the middle of this mess, it is now necessary to use the Airport Board and get them to buy off on a deal with the fix based operator. This deal will allow the City to have a scapegoat. The finger can be pointed to the FBO if things do not work out.
The City claims to have a list of people to lease the hangars. So why have they not used this list to fill the hangars instead of making a deal with the FBO and giving them the list?. Could this list be the same list, that was used to entice the City Council into making a two million dollar mistake?
The other question that needs to be asked; if the Airport operates at a loss, why is the City now restructuring the agreement with the FBO, based basically on the same terms?
And why now? Gosh, they had four years to resolve the Airport problems and now today the Airport is a big issue. The City speculated with tax funds, the Airport operates at a deficit, and now the City has found religion and wants to make amends for all the past misdeeds.
Is this just another move to impress the voters at election time? It does not take a a rocket scientist to see past this smoke screen.

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