Sunday, October 04, 2009


What is going on, when elected and appointed representatives, will not avail themselves the opportunity to discuss in an open forum, the issues that citizens are facing and answering the important questions.

Is there something that needs to be hidden from the electorate? Has the current leaders done or said something, that if it becomes public, would cause embarrassment or bring the administration further into derision?

Reasonable people are finding the present action by incumbents running for office and those they have appointed, very disturbing. There seems to be a concerted effort to stay out of the public eye and not participate in any meeting, unless it is staged or leaders are in control of the subject matter or the agenda.

Some of the media outlets, both locally and those in surrounding areas, find it very curious, incumbents from Heber Valley have refused to participate in any public forum.
As one commentator in another community said. “Have things deteriorated so much, those in leadership positions, can not respond?”
It would seem by their actions, they are afraid that citizens may ask for an accounting of what they have or have not done in the last fours years.

It is becoming obvious, certain leaders are hard pressed to discuss the business of the City, since they have no idea, what the business may really be. The current administration seems to have given their authority to others, believing that by doing so, they will not have to be leaders, but instead, can be followers without much accountability.

Citizens are now discussing the issues of accountability, leadership, planning, taxes, fees and growth. Important issues that affect every person in Heber Valley. Now citizens wonder why there is no discussion no interaction, with those they elected in the past.

It is becoming increasingly clear, that citizens need to rise up, and make sure the election in November is not one of being against anyone, but for a change that will allow them to be heard and have their ideas considered and used in finding solutions. For a change in the direction of Heber City. For a complete accounting of the money that has been frittered away. For transparency in decision making. For control of out of control traffic. For more business on Main Street and Less deals with developers that produce nothing but wild unfulfilled promises. For less taxes and fees, and more freedom with ones property. For less intrusion from government in the lives of citizens. For competence. For better planning. For observance of the laws and codes. For more ethics and honor.

The issues that citizens are facing, are not complex but unless the voters place in office, those with principles of integrity and a desire to support community needs, rather than the wants of a selected few, lives will not be enhanced, but citizens will remain as pawns, whose only importance will be to provide the money to continue the same self-serving kingdom building, that is currently going on.

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