Sunday, October 25, 2009


It’s time we take a good look at our leaders and measure how they have represented the citizens during their terms of service.

At first glance, not all things they have promised or have done, will become apparent, it may take a little time to remember the highlights as well as the lowlights of their actions and decisions.

Politicians who shout the need for one more term, are always very hopeful, that citizens will have a very short memory, and will only be thinking of the current issues. Current issues are usually those items, that have been left until a few months or weeks before an election, in which the politician makes a decision to support or oppose, not based on facts or needs, but rather on how many votes may come their way.
They are not only the worst kind of leaders, but are very dangerous to the moral fiber of a community.
Citizens must always remember, that support or opposition shortly before an election, on issues that should have been decided some time back, are attempts at trying to deceive the voters. History has shown, that after an election, things go back to what they were, and flimsy excuses are presented for the obvious vacillations.

Measuring the effectiveness of local leaders is an easy process, if you support the Jeffersonian idea, “government governs best, that governs least” and the words of Senator Daniel Webster, that citizens need to constantly review the actions and words of their current leaders.

There are many ways, that citizens can measure the effectiveness of their leaders. Regardless of the method, a citizen should be careful and unafraid to look, listen and then compare what was said to what was done.
Observe that promises of the past are usually identical to the ones being made today in speeches, materials and other writings.
Touted accomplishments since their last election or appointment, need to be carefully reviewed, since many times, like promises, they can and usually are stretches of the truth.

Every citizen today should ask questions of every leader and especially those running for re-election. The following ideas may help.

Is there a belief and support for total transparency?

Is the law followed and enforced?

Is every meeting given proper notice so the public can attend?
Are citizens allowed to speak? Are they accorded respect for their opinions? Are they given attention by leaders while they have the floor at any given meeting or hearing?

Is there a demonstration by measurable action of fiscal responsibility?

Is there support shown by known actions of real accountability?

Is there evidence of a total support for the truth regardless of the outcome?

The needs of citizens must trump the personal desires of elected and appointed leaders. If leaders or those that have been appointed, have no idea concerning the difference between wants and needs, have no problem misdirecting or using misspeak to support their questionably decisions, then citizens need to remember and cast their votes for changes in direction and more respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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