Sunday, November 01, 2009


Just when we thought things could not get anymore weird, along comes a phone call from a business in Provo, wondering if government in the upper valley is all done based on kick backs and special perks.

The story that was told, was right out of a movie script. But upon closer inspection and a little investigation, it became obvious, there may be some truth in the revelation.

The person making the call at first came across as one who was playing a sorrowful tune of sour grapes. But after prolong conversation, there were things mentioned that only someone who had participated would have known.

The scary part was contained in a couple of sentences, when this person discussed the process right down to the smallest degree and then started naming what had taken place and who had benefited.

A few phone calls on the weekend, gave some substance to one’s worst dreams. We do have people, who have been hired to do a job crossing over the line in an attempt to make money on the side and create benefits for themselves that others could not ever have. Of course when this goes on, there is also the need to find a very large broom so all the problems can be swept under the closest rug.

There are three things that must be done.

1. If new leaders are elected they must take this problem and dispose of it immediately, so the stench does not taint their administration. If I am elected as a new Mayor, those names now known will be brought in and if confession comes to what is already known, they will be terminated at once.

2. If they fail to confess, there will be a need to involve the County Attorney. His office armed with the facts, can investigate and follow the law to a rightful conclusion, no matter who or how many finally are found to be involved.

3. If the Administration remains the same, then in time, there maybe an outside investigation, but as in some other things, it will be a slow process with many protective road blocks. It will require a number of GRAMA requests. There will be a certain amount of cover-up and in the end the truth will prevail, but then again hell will be close to freezing over too.

No one should believe at this point, the problem will go away and the investigation will be dropped. It is just, that without the right people in office, it will take more time and energy and after the spinning and misspeaking, everyone will wonder if it was really worth it.

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