Sunday, November 15, 2009


Is the current City Manager of Heber City leaving his post and retiring?
The rumor mill is running overtime with information, that Heber City may be looking for a new City Manager, even if they decide to keep the post in the new administration.

What does this rumor mean for the current Mayor as he prepares to keep the door to his office open for another four years?
The Mayor has not always had the time in the past, due to working outside of the county, and has given a lot of his administrative authority to the City Manager. Will he be able to step up to the plate with out the Manager in place and provide some form of leadership, or will the Council make the case for themselves to retain some of the leadership out of necessity?

The two new council people coming in, with the addition of other votes that could be added to theirs, could change the dynamics and the direction of the Council. But, is that not what the voters said they wanted?

Perhaps, those who have practiced short cuts in government and doing the “in house thing” should be dusting off the resumes and start using the phone searching for friends. With the City manager perhaps cleaning out his desk, is it going to leave some problems out in the open for everyone to see? Some members of the City staff will be thinking of some pretty nifty Christmas gifts for the Council in hopes of restoring their name from the list of those who have been naughty in not following the law to the hopeful list of job retention.

Citizens are going to be watching to see if there is really going to be some measurable change of direction even if a number of current employees might be diminished.
It will take some time for the City to change back from a lack of leadership and direction to a new era of government by the people and for the people.
Laws, Codes, ordinances, commissions and boards must all come under the careful scrutiny necessary to weed out the unnecessary and the do nothings.

The coming months will be lot of work for the council but it seems they have the desire to serve and serve right.

Citizens now will have a chance to participate in government and know that voices of the strong as well as the voices of the weak will be heard.

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