Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It is obvious even to the casual observer, that some changes will need to take place in order to accomplish the goals that were mentioned in the general election.
The incoming members of the council with some remaining ones will need to determine if continuing with a City Manager is in the best interest of good government and the citizens they will be serving.
And if they decide to remove the City Manager, then where do they go? Return to a more involved role by the Council with strong department heads or change to some other form of government? Heber City has always been referred to as a weak Mayor/strong Council form of Government. To conclude that Citizens are expecting some major changes and a more active role by the council is perhaps stating the obvious. The expectations of change are also supported by many other agencies in the Valley in the interest of better cooperation.

The Council in 2010 has a number of issues that will need resolution and in the interest of supporting change and their elected leaders, citizens need to make plans to participate in the process and take a more active role.

Other issues that need some clarity will require Citizens to ask themselves a couple of serious growth questions. How large should Heber City be? Should annexations be continued on the same pace as in the past and are citizens willing to pay for the problems that ensue?
Let your leaders know, most will appreciate some answers outside of the normal channels that have misled them in the past.

Will the incoming council start a search for the facts regarding Valley Station and be in a position to notify the citizens what can be expected in the next few years? Repeating what the developer keeps saying is akin to governing in the dark on the edge of a cliff. Perhaps in 2010 a reinvigorated City Council will make sure the facts are known and the information is correct before making statements related to Valley Station. And just maybe, changes can be made in that relationship that will ensure that citizens are not required to guess about the future, pick up the costs due to unintended consequences or see their business district destroyed due to negligence.

The natives are restless and they are expecting some major changes in direction. They want truth, transparency and a listening ear. They want respect when they have an issue. They want fairness in decision making. And citizens want less intrusion in their lives, not more.

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