Sunday, November 29, 2009


It has been written that a patriot must be willing to defend his country against his government.
What is needed today are patriots, not only who will defend their Country, but will to defend the truth against lies, deceit and worse, now coming out of high places, whether it is Federal, State or Local. Citizens need to stand up and be counted. This is not the time to be cowards. Neither is it time for people to accept what is offered with out asking questions and seeking the proofs. The idea, that citizens can just plug-a -long and things will work out, is long gone. There is a need to know the truth, to know the facts.
“My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)
As in Old Testament days, there is a crying need for real knowledge. There is a critical need for citizens to assess clearly and accurately all the information they receive from those that serve, whether elected or appointed.
The days of ignorance and its twin, apathy must be over. For those who would lead us down questionable paths, knowledge is an avowed enemy. There is nothing these characters would not do to keep citizens in the dark. Every citizen worth his or her salt, knows, in spite of the obstacles, that knowledge and understanding is the strength of a free people.
Our liberties are under attack. Programs that take away our rights or allow more government intrusion are proposed and voted on every week. Some of those that represent citizens are caught in whirlpools of corruption along with Quid-pro-Quo and back room deals where influence is actively bought and sold. No part of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is safe. Citizens put up with poor planning, questionable leadership, ill-advised policies and the illegal delegation of authority by those elected to those appointed. People now are seeing the necessity to adhere to real moral standards. “Amid the infinite confusion around us today, the only safeguard is the moral standard. The important question about any proposed action, by a man or by a nation, is not is it smart? but is it right?” (JBS 1963)
Citizens must now move out with boldness, armed with facts, prepared to disarm the enemy who glories in misinformation, poor decision making, questionable social causes, who scoff at true patriotism, and then hide behind the rights granted by this great nation to do their works of darkness. They and their minions must now be made accountable.

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