Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Have you ever wondered what goes on when the public is not part of the process? There is a very unique situation that could be developing involving Heber City.

There are new faces coming on the City Council. Does that mean there is a need to justify previous actions? Actions that at the time could not be supported, but if the Council had not changed, no justification would have been needed.

A big question could be, what is the current administration doing to cover indiscretions of the last few years that need some justifying cover? And other questions could be what will a new council need to do, to rectify problems, restore confidence in the governing process, and reestablish the connection between citizens and their elected and appointed leaders?

The 2009 election will go down as a defining moment for the citizens of Heber City. Many leaders believed the status quo was safe. but things have now changed.
Citizens are waiting for January to come, for the new leaders to take the oath of office and for a few on the council, they too are excited for the new arrivals. There may now be sufficient votes to accomplish the things that have been postponed or set-a-side due to the lack of clear leadership. Does that mean the rubber stamps can finally be put in the drawer or thrown away?

No one should be surprised the current leadership might before the first of the year discover something to support their actions. Perhaps, exposing previous unknown information or publishing items that can be used to justify the do-nothing of the previous couple of years. Anything is possible.

There is no traffic plan right now, but it there will be plenty exposure on the western by-pass as if it is the panacea for all the traffic problems. They will do this, in hopes, the citizens will forgot the current administration has failed most miserably when it comes to protecting the citizens with a traffic plan.

A revelation could be coming regarding hangargate. There may be some information yet to come forward, that will be used to suggest nothing wrong really happened. Of course the current leadership is hoping that people will forget that tax money was used to speculate on an endeavor, that was going to pay more money back than anyone could imagine. Never mind lies were told, figures were manipulated and so forth. Stay tuned, something is going to come forth, that will justify the actions, what it is, is still in doubt, but rest assured something will be presented, the loss of the money is still a big issue.

For the next few weeks, the spin misters will be doing their best to deceive the citizens into believing that all is well now and has always been just fine. Citizens just didn’t understand what was going on.

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