Sunday, June 21, 2009


It has been recorded in history, that when the army of the United States Government, went to meet with some of the old Indian Chiefs, telling them to return to the reservation in Idaho, one old Chief, wise, and full of experience with the workings of the government, said the following: “In the right hand is truth, in the left hand are lies and deceit, what you say and promise this day, does it come from the right hand or the left hand?” History affirms, that on that day, the left hand spoke.

Are citizens of the Valley, like the Indian Chief of old, full of experience and wise, when it comes to dealing with tax supported institutions? Or is there a belief, that since the leaders are elected by the people, therefore, regardless of what they do, the governed should have total confidence?

In the coming months, budgets are going to be presented at public hearings, that will purport to be factual, truthful, with all the information the public needs to know.
But the truth is a little darker and more nebulous than one could ever imagine.

Many of the budgets, the public will be asked to comment on, will be required budgets, meaning the State of Utah or some agency of the State, has required a budget to be prepared, presented and a copy forwarded to that particular State Agency. The final act, is to go through the motions of a public hearing. Once these things are done, for all intents and purposes, it is over.

Every citizen should fully understand, that when budgets are presented, they are the minimum requirements of the budgetary process. Details, accounts and information can be left out, without a penalty. In fact, even the math does not need to add up.

In reviewing a current budget that will shortly come before the public, two items are very obvious. Based on the numbering on the pages, there are nine pages left out. Where are they, and what did they represent? The second item, is serious and no amount of excuse or laughing can remedy the problem. When the citizens went to the office of this agency for a copy, they were told, there were no copies. And perhaps, copies would be available at the public hearing. It is obvious they wanted to give the public plenty of time to be prepared!!

Based on the published agenda, and based on a second item on the agenda, which is to accept the budget after the so- called public hearing, it would seem safe to conclude, there was never any attempt to give information to the public. There was never any attempt to have the citizens participate in the public hearing. The whole process, was as one called it, A DONE DEAL.

This is tragic. This is a slap in the face to every citizen. Even those, whose thought processes make it possible to believe, since they elected certain ones, we should have full confidence in their abilities.

Yes, we do have full confidence in their abilities to hide the truth. To present items, they know, would not or could not, be supported in the light of day. Yes, they did the minimum. Yes, they did what the law required. And yes, they did what they thought they could get away with.

It is obvious, that good people can be deceived by their own plans. Untrustworthy, and in reality, have no desire for citizens to participate in a process granted by law.

Once again, no governmental agency will come to the defense of the people. Once again, those who point out the problems, will be labeled by those, whose skirts are not clean because they support those, whose desire is to do, the bare minimum, in hopes, the plans, will come to pass, and when the public understands, the damage done, those who sold themselves will be retired, dead, long gone and forgotten.

As the old Chief put it so wisely, the right hand will bring truth, the left will be lies and deceit.
When it comes to budgets, the question will need to be asked, was the budget put together by the left, or the right?

Citizens should live their lives as pessimists, by doing so, no one will be disappointed, but there may be times when many could be pleasantly surprised.