Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What might be the outcomes in the 2010 election in the local arena ?

The eyes of the nation for a few hours were on the voters of the State of Massachusetts, not necessarily on the Candidates or on the respective parties.
This was an opportunity for people for the first time to vote on how they either accept or reject the policies of President Obama and his crew in Washington.

Is it possible that incumbents in the upcoming election will be thrown to the curb regardless of their party affiliation because citizens not only want to see change they also have a real fear of either party?
The Political party in the upcoming election may not be important. The important issues may be the people involved, the ideas brought to the table and the plans that people can see clearly that contain an end result.
Being a Democrat or a Republican may not offer a shade of protection against the white hot glare of citizens who want more in the form of transparency, smaller government, less laws, and lower taxes and less in sweetheart deals, backroom agreements and quid pro quo signified by winks and nods.

So what is in store for those currently in office?
Unless they make a change in thoughts, results and do better in representing the views of their constituency, in November they can expect and rightly so, a termination of being an elected official.
This may also be the time for those, who have never run for any particular office to consider a thrust into politics. And regardless of political party, a new face could be added to a number of offices
Perhaps, there may even be room for an independent candidate.

2010 may be the year of real change. Not the change offered one year ago, which has since evaporated into thin air. But a real change regardless of party affiliation.
This election seems wide open. Opportunity is presenting itself. The real question is, who will step up and take advantage of the voters discontent?

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