Sunday, April 04, 2010


Ever wondered what happened to the candidate and eventual office holder who promised to make contact with the people? Who claimed while running for office he would open up access, would put up a web site if necessary, so that citizens could find information and so forth? After the election his true character came forth. The problem now is he can continue to lead the public astray for at least another two years. And as unreal as it may seem, there is no recourse.

Such a person is really not worth his hire. The citizens were duped by the sweet talk. Thinking this person was the ideal candidate, since those they sought to replace were either not running again or were thought to be worse. Truth is, the people never in their wildest dreams believed that changing the guard could have been worse, but sure enough this elected leader has proven the old adage, “be careful what you wish for.”
A person who will smoke and mirror the public during the election cycle, knowing full well he has no intention of living up to the promises, proves he has a real defect in his character and thinking.

Some one should develop some test like candling an egg, which would allow the public to see the hidden flaws before they vote. If there would have been such a test, it is obvious this person would have never made it to first base let alone hit a home run in an election.
Evidently, citizens must understand that gong to schools of higher learning does not a smart person make. Yes, maybe a clever person, a wool puller perhaps, but definitely not an intelligent moral person that such an education should have created.

Tragically, two years ago, which seems a really long time ago, the citizens were duped and now it will take another two years to clean the slate.

A friend wanted to know, what makes people say one thing and then do another? Smile, shake your hand and promise the moon and then not even deliver the stars. The answer may lie in the good book. The bible has a very clear definition that every citizens should recognize and understand. The bible calls such people “smooth face hypocrites”. And there you have it. Like the Supreme Court it is hard to define, we know it when we see it. We know what causes it. And we know that we must be careful and observant. We were hoodwinked once, but with this person, it will not happen again.
There is one last wish, a resignation would be in order. That alone would do more for the safety and health of the voters than any apology or promised course correction. What are you, a tin man?

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