Sunday, June 20, 2010


The workings of Government are very complex and requires a certain amount of dedication on the part of its leaders and participation by citizens to keep it honest and above board.

Heber City government in the last few years has taken a turn for the worse when it comes to producing budgets. The City Manager has, with the blessings of the Mayor and previous City Councils, turned budget making into documents of fraud. Inflated revenues, even some from sources that do not exist, have allowed unreasonable expenditures. And when pointed out, the Mayor, the City Manager and some members of the council have circled the wagons in an effort to mislead the citizens into thinking all is well.

The minutes from 2007, 2008 and 2009 show budget meetings being held, but the outcome was always the same. Co-mingling of funds, taking from the rainy day fund, and inflating the revenue streams. The fact Heber City spent money in 2008 and 2009 that was promised to come from the Boyer development which did not exist, did not stop the madness.

In a recent City Council meeting, the Council, with the exception of Straddeck and Patterson, since they already knew what they were going to do, since they had been doing it in the previous two years, asked the City Manager to balance the budget and if necessary include even some personnel changes. This request was the fourth one given to the City Manager. The results were pretty much the same with one exception, the City manager let it be known this time, he was not going to do what he was asked to do by the council.
For the City Manager to do this, his reasoning and that of the Mayor’s, was shallow and in reality incorrect when they reported to the Council, he did not need to comply since basically the council was not in charge.

Insubordination and the Sedition the Manager and Mayor have been involved with, over the last little while, is without precedence.

Because of the insubordination and sedition of the Manager and the Mayor which involved City employees, it now requires, if the goal of all citizens is for better and more open government, for the City Manager to resign. Mark Anderson has made a great miscalculation with the Mayor aiding and abetting his actions.

The call must also be from those that believe in government by and for the people and adherence to law for Mr. Anderson to resign. His value as the City Manager has been compromised and his worth to good solid government is now in question.

The Mayor, due to his lack of a firm commitment to good government, and since he has been aiding and abetting the actions of the City Manager and encouraging two Councilman to be his voice in council meetings and not the voice of the people, he to, should also resign. His leadership in allowing the insubordination to go on and for encouraging sedition which involved the employees of the City is very unseemly. (employees, when discussing their real feelings when the Mayor or City Manager is not around, say they have no confidence in either one. And even though the Mayor has published accounts of how he has spoken with employees and so forth, they felt they had to give the company line, since what they told the Mayor would be repeated to the City Manager, who by word and deed does not accept any insubordination from the people he may supervise and has threatened to fire those for the very thing he is now involved with.)
The Morale of City Employees has nothing to do with the new members of the Council as the City Manager and Mayor contend, but everything to do with the Manager and his assistant, the Mayor.

The solution for the city problems are simple but require some actions from the following people:
The City Manager resigns for insubordination and sedition.
The Mayor resigns for encouraging the insubordination and the sedition. Chances are he will not, so at the very least, he needs to start providing some leadership and take back the power given to him by law.
Councilmen Patterson and Straddeck need to quit rubber stamping the decisions of the un-elected and start doing their home work and becoming the leaders they promised to be. They owe the next 18 months to the people. And if they have no desire to do the right thing, they too should resign, so the people and good government are not held hostage. 18 more months of their continued foolishness is too long.

The future action taken by the City Manager, the Mayor and Councilmen Straddeck and Patterson, will show how good of public servants they really are and how much they support the rule of law and good government.