Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Over the years, if one listens intently to some politicians, there are certain words and phases that are used over and over in their public discourse.
When the words are heard in a reasonable conversation, most of the time, citizens understand what they mean and how they are being used but when politicians use these same words, the meanings are shrouded in mystery and darkness.

The following is a list of words with their political meanings:

1. HELD ACCOUNTABLE- This means that as your leaders, we dropped the ball and we are tying to find a scrape goat and at this time we will blame anyone and everyone including the innocent.

2. MAKE NO MISTAKE- We are leading you down this particular path, because if you really think about it, you will know we created the problem, but we do not want you to come to than conclusion.

3. SAVED OR CREATED- When these words are used in the same sentence, it means we have really done nothing but if we blow enough smoke and post enough mirrors, we will be able to sell you anything.

4. INHERITED- This word means we have a problem, because we created a problem some time back and it did not go away like we thought it would, so now we have an inherited problem.

5. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY- When politicians use these words, there are two things that citizens need to know. Politicians have no idea what the words mean, but they sound good and make great sound bites for the media to report and they know it makes citizens feel warm and fuzzy.

6. UNPRECEDENTED- This word means the train of irresponsibility ran us over and we did not see it until it was too late.

7. TRANSPARENT OR TRANSPARENCY-When these words are used, they are cover words, and it is the hope of those using them, that you will believe they are actually part of the decision making and openness that really does not exist.

8. THAT’S SIMPLY NOT TRUE- Truth is in the eye of the beholder and you as a citizen have discovered the real facts and now you know what is true, but we will continue to try and sway you to our line of thinking.

9. THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN- Yes the system is broken, because we broke it and if we confess the system is broken, hopefully you will not remember that we broke it.

10. RESTORE OUR REPUTATION- We really do not have a reputation to restore, but we are working on it.

11. CHOICE AND COMPETITION- When these two words are seen in the same sentence or heard in a public discourse, rest assured there is no such thing as choice, since we have already made the decision for you and there is no such thing as competition, since we believe “if we can not reward ourselves or our family and friends there is no need for us to serve.”

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