Sunday, March 21, 2010


With the new election coming up, can the citizens expect anything different from those running for office? And for those running unopposed, is it safe to say that from January 2011 forward, citizens expectations should not be to high since it will be business as usual?

Apathy seems to be the largest albatross around the necks of citizens and leaders alike. The voting percentages from recent elections were some of the worst in memory.
Does that apathy also doom the elections in 2010?

Some of the issues for this election seem to be the same as in times past. Poor decision making by some leaders. Lack of attendance at various meetings by the public. A lack of transparency on the part of leaders and the lack of active caring on the part of citizens.

When other things are added, such as severe conflicts of interest, stretching of the truth, spending money for desires that can not be separated from the needs of the people and the wants of elected and appointed leaders, this produces some real concerns.

There has been some discussions, that a real need, is to throw all the incumbents to the curb. But that kind of desire may not solve the real problems. There are some very dedicated people, serving now, who are trying to make a difference, but without the support of the people, they get lost due to the actions and desires of the rest.

This election of 2010 could serve the people for years to come, if all the citizens who could, would vote and be counted as supporters of good government.
This year, there is no need to have meat axe approach, but more of a medical approach, where citizens use a scalpel to exercise carefully those who are out of control and have used their office to benefit themselves, friends or family.

There has been those who believe “if my service can not be used to benefit myself, family or friends, there is really no need to serve”. Such statements seem to be preposterous, but they have been made publicly and privately by some.

It is now time to bring to a close, the era that has allowed conflicts of interest, cronyism and nepotism to exist as if they were necessary parts of the political process.

Become active. Stay active and make sure that proper principles are observed and followed. Support laws and make sure those who create them, follow them.
Demand transparency and fiscal responsibility. And if those that serve can not or will not support these principles, demand their resignations. Clean out the weeds that gobble up the political landscape. Future generations are counting on all to do their part.