Sunday, March 13, 2011


Recent discussions by a number of citizens in the valley, has led invariably to a debate on the question: Are citizens in the Heber Valley over taxed?
This leads to another question: How flush with tax dollars is Wasatch County, Heber City, Midway City and the Wasatch School District?
Rumors on that subject, for years have followed these organizations and they have done little to prove the rumors to be wrong.
The people of the valley are coming to the realization, there is a shortage of frugal officials with fiscal sense.
In recent years, it has become clear, the line separating “needs” and “wants” has almost become blurred, and it has not helped, that citizens have voted, not with transparency or accountability in mind, but based more on affiliations, family relationships and geographic concerns
Such allowances have empowered those with visions of grandeur, seeking power, political influence and employment at taxpayers expense, to enter office. And like a pest, once in, getting them out is next to impossible.

In recent years, some elected officials, along with entrenched appointed officials, have spent millions on pet projects, further obligating current and future generations into a cesspool of debt and unknown responsibilities.
And with all of this debt, now comes the promise makers, with a jovial back slap and a promise of future wealth. Agencies and organizations are now approaching tax supported organizations looking for a hand out, a transfusion by your tax dollars, to provide salvation in an effort to forestall the evitable.
In the business world, if you operate for a number of years and cannot produce a profit, there are at least two things that happen. The first, you go out of business. In the real world, there are no such things as businesses too big to fail or of such great importance that even though dead, we pretend they are still alive. The second thing that happens, is the board of directors, or the stock holders demand a change in the leadership.
It is amazing, how year after year, those in charge of taxpayer dollars, continue to fund with outright gifts or loans, enterprises that for a number of reasons, can not or will not make the necessary changes to fly on their own.
Never asking for evidence in black and white of their need. Never asking them to produce results, thereby ending such handouts.
This year is not going to be much different. The merchants of deception will make presentations to your elected officials with the promise of stupendous returns and multipliers, that one dollar of assistance will equate to thousands of dollars brought to the community and such benefits just cannot be measured by mere mortal men.

Elected officials must understand, the fact they have access to your tax dollars, is not an indication they can spend them on a fraud or a wink and a nod.
We are approaching spring, do not be surprised at the groups that will be making the rounds, seeking your tax dollars with the invisible promises of unmeasurable returns.
Supporting the activities in our valley, does not mean and never has, been the reason to spend tax dollars to prop up agencies and organizations.
If they are unable or unwilling to run on their own, then let them die. And for politicians who believe it is their mission in life to support such agencies and organizations, let them know how you feel and remind them, their disregard of reality will be a real issue in the next election and perhaps the reason they are in the spotlight now.

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