Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It has been said if one; "can not reward himself or his friends during his service, it is not worth serving". Mayors for a number of years, have used the plum board assignments to reward those who support "the party line" and vote as the Mayor would like to see the vote. Looking at the Board assignments for 2012, which Councilmen have been rewarded and which ones have been cast aside. There are board assignments that pay better than others. This site will provide that information in the coming weeks. HEBER CITY COUNCIL BOARD ASSIGNMENTS JANUARY 2012

Airport Advisory Board -Alan McDonald- Erik Rowland

Animal Control Board -Benny Mergist

Chamber of Commerce Representative- David Philips

Wasatch County Health Board -Alan McDonald- Jeff Bradshaw

Heber Valley Railroad Board- David Philips

Historic Preservation Board- Benny Mergist

Heber Light and Power Board -David Philips -Robert Patterson- Jeff Bradshaw

Industrial Park Board -Robert Patterson

Personnel Committee- Erik Rowland- Robert Patterson

Park/Recreation Board -Alan McDonald

Heber Valley SSD Board -David Philips- Robert Patterson- Jeff Bradshaw

Wasatch Area Economic Development- Erik Rowland

Wasatch County Housing Authority- Alan McDonald- Jeff Bradshaw

Wasatch Irrigation- Benny Mergist- Jeff Bradshaw

Weed Control Board- Benny Mergist

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