Sunday, August 18, 2013


More and more issues continue to come from the poison well we know as HL&P Board. Their actions are becoming issues for this year’s elections.

The more revelations, the more questions need answers. The board is getting behind in supplying answers, not that their answers would mean much, since they have had over a year to dream up some explanations to their money taking the first time and right now they have not provided one iota of detail, remorse or justification other than they wanted what they saw and decided to take it.

But the actions of the board should not be allowed to go unchallenged. City councils, the actual representatives of the very people who own the power company have sat on the sidelines in fearful silence. Perhaps, they know what has been going on and to question or expose the issues may place them in some type of public scrutiny that would be embarrassing and cause many questions to be raised. Maybe questions that would hard to answer without exposing their endorsement of the taking of money and their support of dishonest deals, all at the expense of rate payers.


Here is another issue of about three more that may not be addressed since the board is really busy trying to cover this newest deal up with the hope that powers outside of the community will not address it.

The termination of the chief financial officer, Mr. Tony Furness, makes one wonder who is really in charge of overseeing the money. With checks and balances, how can such things happen?  Our sources suggest, this issue has the board circling the wagons, looking for scapegoats and trying to figure how to make the whole thing go away so that outside sources and local sources will not know all the details. The work on this issue is very complex, since they all want it to go away, but if asked, they can say it was taken care of in house. Now of course what that means is anyone’s guess, but suffice it to say, the rate payers will be lead down the yellow brick road and no one will actually know what happened, how it happened and how many people were involved. Sources close to this have concluded that more than Mr. Furness was involved. Those certain purchases were made that were called miscellaneous and bills were paid, knowing it was wrong and dishonest. And instead of checking things out when warrants were paid, those in charge were too busy eating pizza and salad, which the rate payers had paid for.

Were you the rate payers invited for lunch or dinner? Didn’t think so.

The larger question is how much money has been lost and can it be recovered and how long will it take. Will the board actually do something to really collect it. I suppose they could lien someone’s house, but people who legally do it, will tell you it does not always work out and the time it takes to collect, by then most of the players are either dead or dying.

Sources in the know seem to suggest the amount of money is unknown at this time and may include some type of loans as well as misuse of credit cards. Of course by the time you read this, there will be some magic performed and new policies instituted regarding credit cards, who can use them and who oversees with the idea that all of this will go away. This is much like the new personnel policy regarding whistle blowing. As long as the current board is in play, the rate payers can rest assured; those blowing the whistle if caught will be assaulted and dismissed. Likewise, the new credit card policy will be for public consumption and the work of spending will go back to normal.

Will there ever be a full accounting of all the misdeeds and money lost and a complete accounting of the players?

Will the current board come clean? Will they pay back the money they took? Will they stop the cover-up and allow the truth on this second issue to come forward without some kind of paint job on it? Will the response to the first issue and the Attorney General’s office actually be a factual presentation or another smoke and mirror carnival side show? Will the councils of the various cities have a little starch in their back bone and call for audits and information to make sure what was taken has been replaced and what was changed to cover things up is exposed? Then again, when is hell freezing over?

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