Thursday, August 01, 2013


As most of you are aware, the State Auditor as well as the Attorney General for the State of Utah has made a series of determinations regarding the violation of law by the Board of Heber Power and Light.

In a series of letters and investigations, they have determined the board of HP&L violated the laws of the State of Utah and the By-laws of the board of HP&L.

The bottom line is they are telling the board members to follow the law and return all the money they took under the guise of a health benefit.

There is more to this issue, a lot more. The board of Heber Power and Light believed they were above the law, and since they had the power, they were entitled to do what they wanted and when they wanted.

When asked by citizens to pay back the money, they thumbed their collective noses at the suggestion and determined as one said: “I will not return the money, I earned it” In an effort to move the discussion to another area, the board chair is quoted as saying: “If I would have known the public was going to be so upset at this we would not have done it” meaning we tried to steal some money but were caught.

There is no justification for their lack of knowledge of the law and neither is there any excuse for the simpleton approach to doing a job for the people of the County and the respective Cities.

Now the Attorney General is not only suggesting they pay back the money in full, but has given a veiled threat, that if they do not, further action will be taken.

The Boards lack of action and response to the citizens and their requests has now blown this episode larger than necessary and now we come to the serious solutions since the board cannot be trusted.

The following people, not only need to pay the money back, but the citizens would be best served if they resigned. David Phillips, Connie Tatton,  John Whiting and Robert Patterson. One who has not paid it back, but is part of the solution is Nile Horner, we would expect this request is for action from him as well.

No one is sure that waiting for the next election before they all leave office is even a good remedy. Resignation needs to take place for the following of reasons.

1.   They lied about the so called health benefit and then tried to suggest they were not guilty of anything.


2.    They failed to follow the law, by not holding a public hearing


3.     They failed to respond to concerns of the citizens in the very beginning when asked to justify their actions. It was the Chair who callously said this was not a good time to talk about the issue when asked and questioned.



4.   They tried to divert the attention from  their wrong doing to other seemingly unimportant issues


5.    They treated citizens with disdain and ridiculed them publicly



6.    They pretended they had done nothing wrong but would not address the issue when given the chance.


7.   Obviously they took something they were not entitled to and tried to cover it up



8.    They lied to the very people they took an oath to serve and protect.

Their ties to the community need to be severed. They are no better than the ones put in jail for similar behavior and it may come to that as well.

Their resignation in disgrace is what they owe the people. Their actions have been unchristian like and have brought ridicule and distrust on their religion, their family and everything they have or will have touched or associated with.

They have demonstrated to all the citizens, they lack a moral compass and at this point they should be released from public service until they make amends with the citizens, their creator and those they have specifically harmed, the rate payers of Heber Power and Light. They owe nothing less.

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